High Energy - Wednesday Night Racing

Brad has for a while wanted more upwind sailing on Wednesday nights. More adrenaline, more speed, more risk. That's just the type of guy he is.

Well tonight he got it. 25 knots sustained SW with 30 kt gusts and two long upwind legs out on Casco Bay made for a nail biting good time. We had a great start, best yet. The heavier boats were able to point into the breeze far better than our overpowered J22 and jumped ahead. We worked our way up while getting used to the comfort of the windward rail, while watching from high above as the lee rail went underwater.

As is our custom, we had a particularly hairy and tight turn around the windward mark before settling in and absolutely crushing a downwind leg. Check it out:

Another hairy turn around the downwind mark followed by another beat and team High Energy was high fiving across the finish line. We were finally able to take a picture at this point with out risk of going overboard or destroying photography hardware:

The team immediately moved into a local pub to celebrate our success by blowing the froth off a couple cold ones. A new favorite local dish was discovered in the lobster salad topped hamburger at RiRa. Whaaat? Ya betta try it.

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