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Helios 2012 - Keel Repair - Fairing, filling, and paint

Keel Repair - Fairing, filling, and paint

Prior to launch this coming Monday, some cosmetic keel damage sustained in the Intercoastal Waterway of Florida was to get repaired. The lower keel section is solid lead with some epoxy fairing of varying thickness giving it an even and smooth finish. The leading edge of the keel has clearly been damaged and repaired in the past.

 In order to get this work done, we had to have the boat in the lift slings and suspended to allow access to the bottom of the keel. The damaged portions of both the keel and rudder were identified and first prepped by cleaning out growth, removing loose material and a light sanding. We chose to use Interlux Watertite Epoxy Filler which turned out to be very easy to work with. This is a two part epoxy that mixes 50/50 and is immediatly ready for use and at a workable consistency that allows easy spackeling on vertical and even upside down surfaces without sagging or drooping.


After allowing the watertite epoxy to dry overnight, we sanded the prepared spots until smooth and consistent with the shape of the keel giving it a nice even and smooth finish. We then wiped this down with solvent and added bottom paint directly over the finished spots. Ready to go!



Helios 2012 - The Start

The Start...

Saturday we began uncovering Helios from her shrink wrap, a feeling akin to that which butterfly larvae must feel as she breaks from her cocoon this same time of year. We actually found some larvae living on board (luckily above deck) of whose progress towards launch we will track here too!

After three winters stored here at Royal River Boat Yard in Yarmouth Maine, it is finally time to get Helios back in the water where she belongs. First projects are prepping the bottom for paint, assembling the interior of the boat which has received some fresh paint and varnish down below, some new plumbing, repairs and steady dust collection. Being about a week away from launch means we have to accelerate this week to stay on track, hope the weather is nice!

We witnessed the slow start of a fellow yachter amidst the midday sun, ready to hit the ocean yet firmly bound in the mud of the Royal River! It looked like they had about another six hours at least to gain the 5’ of water they needed in tide to float the ol’ girl. Did not look like they brought enough beer for that trip!

I also must mention that this begins the first official “Charlie’s Yacht Services” blog! I know I have a lot to learn since as I write this, I am not sure what will happen once I hit post. I hope to improve the frequency and content of what is added here for the benefit of those interested in the progress of this and other yachts under management here at CYS. That being said, any thoughts or comments on the blog are very much welcome so I can make sure to be adding relevant content as we go.

Check back soon for new posts and project updates, and until then…