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Tigris: Georgetown to Portland


This morning I motored the inflatable a ways up Robinhood Cove which is about 5 miles long and very deep with many good anchorages all the way up (actually up/in is south west). Later in the morning we took off again under gray skies and ebbing tide back out to the Sheepscot and en route for a lunch stop in Cundy's harbor. A couple hours after setting out, we set anchor in Cundy's Harbor amongst a few trawlers and dozens of lobster boats of various sizes. Lunch on the hook and a walk through town was all that happened on this stop! For those who have not been there, Cundy's is such a quiet and quaint working harbor, and one of our family's favorite places for our annual "shore dinner"!

The skies lightend up a bit and we motor cruised on back towards Portland.

We took a nice route into Casco Bay past Monument Light on the port side, Haskell Island to starboard, then Bangs Island to starboard past Great Chebegue, Hope Island, and through the channel between the Chebegues. We did a quick fuel up at DiMillos and then landed Tigris back on the dock at Portland Yacht Services! This was my last day on board as more cruising friends and family would come in over the next couple days and then take Tigris back out and up to Penobscot Bay and Mt. Dessert! I had a great time on board and it was a great cruise on the Tigris in Maine: The Way Life Should Be [baby]!



Helios 2012 - First Sail

Dropped lines a 0630 from Maine Yacht Center en route to New London, CT. Finally a day without rain which was the status quo for the past 5 days here in Maine. A welcome relief. Sweet shot leaving Portland Harbor:

We planned for 18 hours of cruising to the Cape Cod Canal and to hit a tide turning at 0045 the following morning. We were all stunned by how flat the seas were, we simply could not ask them to lay down any more. That made us pretty fast under power, but along with the calm seas came zip for for breeze. About 15 miles off Cape May we saw our first bit of cool marine life, a humpback off in the distance. Not long after, another, but only 200 yards from the boat, constant bearing, closing distance. He showed his jaw/filter and then dove under the boat at 50 yards making for an exicting show, close call! Next was a shark fin spotted in the distance, necesitating a closer look. Turned out to be a good size basking shark which are very easy to approach without scaring, at least this one. We hung out with him less than a boat away as he casually stroked his powerful tail side to side making less than break away speeds. We tempted a friendship by offering pita chips, no bite. Tried to take a picture to but even a 20' shark looks like nothing with so much water around:

Not long after the fog closed us into a small hole in the big ocean. If you can imagine being on a boat with no land in sight with visibility of 20+ miles and get a disconnected feeling, try thinking about visibility of 100 feet in the middle of a fog bank on the ocean! Very eerie. We felt a SSE breeze with a little thrust. It persisted and we set the genoa and main for the first time since putting on a new Selden aluminum boom. We had 9-10 knots true wind and began cruising at 7 kts, ghosting through the fog. Our apparent wind was washing sweetly through the sails. Killed the engine. Kept cruising and everyone got a chance to helm the boat under sail, not an easy feat with no reference on the horizon. We were all happy about that:

The fog eased, we were pleased. Had a sunset over a glassy horizon east of Boston harbor as we took on Cape Cod Bay.

By 1130 we were into the Canal entrance and checked for traffic. We were early for a favorable tide but forged ahead anyway, about 1.5 hrs ahead of the tide change. I mention this because the time was epic for cruising down Buzzards with favorable current, and then more important, running the current through The Race and into Long Island Sound. We had a nice morning with noticibly warmer air temperatures and not much more than 5 kts of breeze SE.

By 1230 we were tied up the Thames River at Burr's Marina (recommended by the cruising guide) in New London. Lunch, nap time, crew change! New crew arriving from NYC today with plans to finish the trip in Oyster Bay Long Island over the weekend. Heyo!

Charlie Agnew